Tour Schedule: PANDEMONIUM by Willow Anderson

We are so excited to be announcing the tour schedule for PANDEMONIUM by Willow Anderson. Thank you to everyone who signed up and expressed interest in one of our first tour sign-ups as a new book tour company! Please be sure to check out each stop on the tour, where our hosts will be reviewing the book. We appreciate all the help in spreading the word about this awesome title!

Thursday, August 13
Shelby – @literaryfaery

Friday, August 14
Hannah – @bookswithtails

Saturday, August 15
Jennifer – @bookishmama15

Sunday, August 16
Kaarima – @kaarimawrites

Monday, August 17
Krystal – @nerdy_book_lover_1987

Tuesday, August 18
Lianne – @lianne_the_bibliophile

Wednesday, August 19
Oriel – @chubbychapters

Thursday, August 20
Paige – @pagebypaigebooks
Blog: pagebypaigebooks

Friday, August 21
Tara – @iamtaratorres

Saturday, August 22
Whitney – @read.ridinghood

Pandemonium by Willow Anderson
Published on April 27th, 2020
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy
Pages: 360
Format: Paperback
Purchase: Amazon

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Lace Ashburn was only twelve years old when she witnessed a murder behind Pandemonium’s grandeur – a strange, magical traveling show where admittance is hard to gain. With a dead Ringmaster and his murderer in jail, Pandemonium packed up and fled in the middle of the night, remaining missing for five years.

When Lace’s older brother steps up to take the throne of Falhaven, he announces not only the return of Pandemonium but an arranged marriage for her with their neighboring country’s prince. With less than a week to discover a way to keep her freedom from her fiancé, Lace finds her way back into the heart of Pandemonium.

With a new Ringmaster heading Pandemonium, Lace is pulled into a competition run by the strange show with an invaluable prize at the end should she win. Paired together with a mysterious partner, Lace fights through the contest to keep not only her independence but her heart safe.

Come one, come all, to the show that will enthrall…welcome to Pandemonium where in order to win, you must lose it all.

About Willow Anderson

Willow Anderson was born and raised in west Texas where she learned early on to gaze at the stars and dream. She knew her life would eventually lead her to picking up a pen and letting her creativity flow. After leaving childhood behind, Willow found she was ready to explore away from the desert and left her small town behind. Soon after, she earned her RN initials behind her name but continued to do what she loved – writing. It wasn’t long until she met her current husband and brought him into her life for good. Now she travels wherever the Army takes her. Though she still keeps hold of her colorful imagination, she now has two teenagers and a pre-teen to help her imagination continue to thrive.

You can find Willow on her socials: Instagram | Goodreads

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