Tour Schedule: THE SUMMONING by SV Filice

We are so excited to be announcing the tour schedule for THE SUMMONING by SV Filice. Thank you to everyone who signed up to participate in this Creative Review tour! Please be sure to check out each stop on the tour, where our hosts will be reviewing the book and displaying it in a creative way. We appreciate all the help in spreading the word about this awesome title

Thursday, February 11
Ana-Maria – @afantaseaofbooks

Friday, February 12
Jana – @BookishWiccan

Saturday, February 13
Madhumita – @mabookyard

Sunday, February 14
Lea – @lea.pearl.reads

Monday, February 15
Celine – @pillowreader

Tuesday, February 16
Khloe – @bookie_mnstr

Wednesday, February 17
Anshul – @stories.buddy

Thursday, February 18
Celia – @celiamcmahonreads

Friday, February 19
Remington – @pirouettes.and.pages

Saturday, February 20
Vanessa – @bookfairy95

The Summoning by SV Filice
On April 2020
Genres: NA Fantasy
Pages: 163
Format: Paperback, Ebook

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ISABELLE LOFFLIN lived an ordinary life until her mom mysteriously died four months ago. Now, with the help of her boyfriend, Jeremy, Isabelle is forced to take care of her younger sister, Brett. When Isabelle arranges to have Brett meet a psychic in the hopes of reuniting with their mother, everything goes wrong. The round-trip turns one-way when the train drives further from Feathercoe. Separated from her family, Isabelle discovers the train has only one stop: a secluded camp that excels in teaching lessons of good and evil. What she doesn’t expect to find is a daring redhead, a spunky Hispanic and a pair of captivating eyes that are too black to pass as brown. Isabelle must decide which fight is more important—finding her sister or achieving moral balance to stay alive.

About SV Filice

Samantha-Victoria is a Canadian writer of fantasy fiction. Her debut novel, The Summoning, was self-published in 2017. Though, this was not the start of her writing dreams. A storyteller in childhood, a reader in her youth, and a writer in her teens, SV Filice later attended the University of Toronto to study Professional Writing as well as Culture, Communications and Information Technology. After receiving her BA, Filice continues to write short stories and other stand-alone novels. She works on the third book release of the Moral Bloodlines Trilogy, which she will self-publish.

You can find Cameo on her socials: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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