Cover Reveal Schedule: SHATTERED VISIONS by Catherine Downen

We are so excited to be announcing the cover reveal schedule for SHATTERED VISIONS by Catherine Downen. Thank you to everyone who signed up to participate in this reveal! Please be sure to check out each stop on the tour, where our hosts will be revealing the cover in a creative way. We appreciate all the help in spreading the word about this awesome title!

REVEAL DATE: Thursday, May 27th, 2021

Keshia – @808bookdr
Thi-Léa – @leprochainchapitre_mai
Brittany – @books_inthecity
Natasha – @tashy.tales
Kristin – @piecesofourlife
TL – @tl.reads
Erica –
Cherilyn – @ubookworm28
Constanza – @awtms_reviews
Krystal – @Nerdy_book_lover_1987
Amber – @bambamreads
Celia – @celiamcmahonreads
Erika – @theenchantedshelf
Hazel – @grimreaderx
Briana – @bbyo.dabb
Ana-Maria – @afantaseaofbooks
Stella – @ravens_books
Chelsea – @chelsealovestoread
Dany – @dany.alvy
Amanda – @roorooreads

See below for the covers of the first two books:

Shattered Visions by Catherine Dowen
(Self Published)
On September 21, 2021
Genres: YA Fantasy
Pages: 480 pages
Format: Ebook, paperback, hardcover, and audiobook
Purchase: Amazon  


Adaline must find a way to fix what Zavy has destroyed. Back on Dather, on the enemy’s land, Adaline and Alexander struggle to reunite their army and fight off the looming threat of war. But they are out of time. The war is here and the broken army must come together if there is any chance of a victory against King Renon and his commander, Paylon. 

However, being back on Dather bears more than the threat of war. Old memories – and enemies – resurface as Adaline fights for the freedom she’s always longed for. And amidst the fighting, the betrayal, and the loss, Adaline cannot stop thinking about her father’s vision. The one that saw her crumbling into the cliffside and plummeting to her death. 

But is the future truly out of Adaline’s control, or is her fate still to be determined? 

In this gripping and powerful final installment, join Adaline as she fights for her freedom against the tyrant king and her father’s proclaimed future. 

About Catherine Dowen

Catherine Downen is the author of the best-selling novel, The Markings. She recently graduated from Bradley University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. She has always had a love for writing and a passion for telling stories. Currently, Catherine is working as a Sustaining Engineer in St. Louis MO by day. 

You can find Catherine on her socials: Author Instagram | Series Instagram | Author Facebook| Series Facebook | Twitter | TikTok

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