Release Day Frenzy Schedule: HUNT by Alexandria Warwick

We are so excited to be announcing the Release Day Frenzy schedule for HUNT by Alexandria Warwick. Thank you to everyone who signed up to participate in this frenzy! Please be sure to check out each stop on the tour, where our hosts will be promoting the book in a creative way. We appreciate all the help in spreading the word about this awesome title!

FRENZY DATE: Thursday, August 12th, 2021

Monica – @books_over_everything
Fasya – @sistershelves
Leah – @Leahlovestoread
Anshul – @stories.buddy
Cherilyn – @Ubookworm28
Darnley – @lovielynsbreather
Sadie – @sadiesspotlight
Anasua – @a_n_a_s_u_a
Alex – @alexinaribooks
Brittany – @books_inthecity
Derszi – @afantaseaofbooks
Anjedah – @bookriot_edah

HUNT by Alexandria Warwick
By Wolf Publishing
On August 12, 2021
Genres: YA Dark Fantasy
Format: Ebook, paperback, hardcover Purchase: Amazon –  *Only the ebook is up for pre-order at the moment. It’s at a reduced price of $2.99 through the pre-order period for the US/UK/EU and $3.99 for CA/AUS

Content Warning: Graphic violence and gore, physical torture, sexual content
Age Requirement:

Deep within the frozen tundra, darkness is stirring. Nanuq, master of all polar bears, seeks a terrifying power that would grant him control over all who inhabit the North—both animal and man. Slowly, he builds his forces. Slowly, he moves his pawns.

Salvation lies with young Apaay. After being separated from her family, she finds herself deep in enemy territory, navigating a world of violence and cunning. But her quest for truth is only the beginning. The path laid before her will test her loyalties, beliefs, and even her own identity. For if Apaay is to live in a free world, she must embrace a destiny greater than anything she has ever known.

In this breathtaking third installment of the North series, Apaay discovers just how far she’ll go to protect those she loves, and to claim her place in a changing world.

About Alexandria Warwick

Alexandria Warwick is the #1 fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender. She is the author of The Demon Race and the North series.

You can f You can find Alexandria on her socials: | Instagram

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