Promo Frenzy Schedule: A MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL PROPOSAL by Harper Reed

We are so excited to be announcing A MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL PROPOSAL by Harper Reed. Thank you to everyone who signed up to participate in this promo frenzy! Please be sure to check out each stop on the tour, where our hosts will be promoting the book in a creative way. We appreciate all the help in spreading the word about this awesome title!

FRENZY DATE: Friday, June 17th, 2022

Jordan – @booknook.sisters
Sam – @samwisereads
Maeghan – @maeganisreading
Ainun – @hodophile_z
Hailey – @prose.before.woes
Erin – @pagesinkedinshadows
Rifah – @sink_into_imagination
Cherilyn – @ubookworm28
Alice – @downthe.rabbith0le
Shahzah – @hercrazybooksta
Summer – @reading.among.chaos
Carly – @beautynherbooks
Jessica – @whatjessireads
Caitlyn – @delightful.reading
Nagma – @takealookatmybookshelf
Maggie – @magicallymagnolia
Nicole – @eclecticbookwrm
Jasmine – @le_bookwormbunny

A Mutually Beneficial Proposal by Harper Reed
By HRB Publishing, LLC
On June 16, 2022
Genres: Adult Romantic Comedy
Pages: 310
Format: Paperback | Ebook
Purchase: Not Available Yet

I’m engaged to a stranger.

Okay, maybe not officially, but when Owen Porter spots me floundering for words in front of my ex-fiancé and his new wife, I decide to go along with his little farce. The catch? He wants me to return the favor by being his date to a company mixer.

I’m supposed to be on vacation—forgetting about men. Now, thanks to unforeseen events, I’m not only Owen’s date, but I’m also his hotel roommate.

Lines I didn’t want to cross are quickly blurred, and my best friends convince me that there’s nothing wrong with a vacation fling. That one might help me get over my latest relationship disaster. But as the clock counts down to my departure, I know my feelings aren’t as fake as I’d like them to be. Far from it.

Meeting Owen wasn’t in my plans. Finding out who I am was. But maybe I can make both work… That is, if Owen can prove he isn’t like my other exes: a lying cheat. A Mutually Beneficial Proposal is a laugh-out-loud spicy romantic comedy. It’s told in dual POV, and is a full-length standalone included in The Unexpected Series that can be read in any order, but is best consumed consecutively


About Harper Reed

Harper Reed is a Romantic Comedy author. She lives in the beautiful state of Oregon with her husband of twenty years. While Harper is new to the genre, she has been reading RomCom’s for decades and has published several dozen books in varying genres over the years.

In her downtime, Harper enjoys reading, going on escapades with her husband, and drinking wine with her friends on the weekend. She looks forward to this new branch of her author career and can’t wait to bring you more deliciously comical books!

You can find Harper on her socials: Website | Instagram | Tiktok | FB Reader Group

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