Tour Schedule: WHEN STARS BECOME SHADOWS by Emmie Hamilton

We are excited to announce the creative content tour schedule for When Stars Become Shadows by Emmie Hamilton. Thank you to everyone who signed up to participate in this tour! Please be sure to check out each stop on the tour, where our hosts will be promoting the book in a creative way. We appreciate all the help in spreading the word about this awesome title!

Wednesday, July 13
Nagma – @takealookatmybookshelf

Thursday, July 14
Athina – @booknotes_athina

Friday, July 15
Dany – @dany.alvy

Saturday, July 16
Rene – @mysticforestcrafts

Sunday, July 17
Cherilyn – @ubookworm28

Monday, July 18
Maggie – @magicallymagnolia

Tuesday, July 19
Hibah – @thesunandalltheotherstars

Wednesday, July 20
Keshia – @808bookdr

Thursday, July 21
Rosario – @rosyreadz

Friday, July 22
Judy – @bookventures_of_a_wildflower

When Stars Become Shadows by Emmie Hamilton
By: Innulum Press
On July 12, 2022
Adult Dark Fantasy
Paperback | Ebook
Page Count:
320 pages
Pre-order: Amazon
Content Warning: Adult language Sexual content – Two explicit scenes BDSM – dom/sub exploration PTSD Very brief mention of Child Trafficking Exploration of consent Torture Murder/Death
Age Requirement: 18+
Steam Level: 🔥🔥🔥🔥

For the past seven years, Emersyn Jane Merona had been owned by a deadly mob boss and forced to service any lonely soul who found their way to Skarsrowe, a shady port town on the edge of the Baronian Sea. When Syn commits a murder and initiates a daring escape, she finds herself in the arms of her boss’ archrival, the legendary Captain Killian O’Donnell.

After seeking refuge on his mysterious ship, Syn soon realizes that she may have traded one form of danger for another. Desperate to regain her freedom, she falls back on all the old tricks she used to survive her indentured servitude. Just when she is ready to give up, a murdered siren changes her fate and the Lord of Lost Souls, Malakai Barron, drags her down into the underworld.

Through a deal brokered by someone from her past, Syn now has to try to earn her freedom from not one, but two key players in the dark underworld. Though it seems impossible, opportunity strikes when Malakai’s missing sirens reappear and Syn is given the chance to investigate. Who is taking the sirens? And why does their song haunt her dreams?

As Emersyn uncovers the demons of her past, will the monsters of her future be kept at bay, or will she become another lost soul anchored to the bottom of the sea? 

About Emmie Hamilton

Emmie Hamilton is forever inspired by the “in-between” moments. You know the ones – the empty spaces between the chaos of life. The conversations that are never said, the days filled with waiting, the silence after the emotion calms down; those are what Emmie’s stories are built off of.

In her free time, Emmie likes to fulfill her passion for “life” whether that’s writing emotional connections, reading addictive novels, traveling the world or trying new food.

Emmie received her MFA in Creative Writing in 2019 and has since had poems and essays published with Scary Mommy and Pure Slush Press. Her debut novel, Chosen to Fall, was released in May 2021. Its sequel, Fated to Burn, was released November that same year.

You can find Emmie on her socials: Instagram | Twitter | Tiktok

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